Meet Yoga Teacher: Catherine Haut

Meet Yoga Teacher: Catherine Haut
Inspiring Yogis
Apr 2023

This week we're grateful to catch up with yoga teacher and beautiful human, Catherine Haut. Yoga Trade and the Yoga Farm brought us together and we love to bear witness to her blossoming and becoming! Here we get a glimpse of Catherine's story and learn about her passion for mini yoga and her current offerings.

How did you begin on the path of yoga?

I began to practice yoga ten years ago when I was running competitively. In the beginning, I was drawn to vinyasa yoga by the blend of athleticism and grace that complimented my background in ballet and track & field. When I stopped running competitively, I dove into yoga with a new excitement and curiosity. What I found was a way of moving that was softer and allowed for more creativity than ballet or running had. Most importantly, I found a philosophy that gave me the tools to find greater peace, balance, and vitality. Inspired by changes I was discovering in my own life, I decided to deepen my practice so that I could share yoga with others.

In 2018, I trained at the Nexus Institute for Yoga & Wellness in Nosara, Costa Rica and received my certification as a 200-Hour RYT. In 2021, I completed my 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Educator certification with Nexus.

What have been some of your biggest life turning points?

How has yoga and the Yoga Trade community changed your life?

What is "mini yoga" and when and why did you start teaching it?
Can you share some simple mini yoga techniques that folks can integrate into daily life?
Do you have any other upcoming offerings or events?

Yes! My signature program, Well All Day empowers you to develop a daily yoga -- so you feel good in your body and connected to your calm, all day long. The next program runs April 30 - June 4. You can get all the details here.

What is one of your favorite yoga books?

I love T. K. V. Desikachar's "The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice." This book beautifully weaves together the study of asana, pranayama, and the Yoga Sutras into a digestible and inspiring book. Desikachar's emphasis on identifying the specific needs of each individual has been very influential on my work with my private clients.