Chowman: Taste Authentic Flavours Of Chinese & Thai Cuisines In Noida

Chowman: Taste Authentic Flavours Of Chinese & Thai Cuisines In Noida

Over the past decade, Indo-Chinese cuisine has appealed to the taste buds of many Indians. My sister and I are always looking for restaurants that can offer us delectables. A few weeks back, we visited Chowman in Sector 18, Noida, and satiated our cravings.The prices for starters start at INR165 only, and delicacies will cost you no more than INR500. The menu is budget-friendly for a birthday party, a date with your bae, or a gathering with your girl gang. They have options for delivery, dine-in, and takeaway. What more can any foodie need?


[photo1]Chowman has ru

stic interiors that sets the vibe of the restaurant. The moment you enter the joint, you will witness wood furniture and half of Buddha's face on the opposite wall. It also had inscriptions in Mandarin. The restaurant plays soft music - neither too loud nor too slow, just perfect to enjoy the meal while having a conversation with your partner or friends. The staff seems accommodating of the requirements of customers. There is space for four to eight people at each table, and one can ask waiters to join tables if they are expecting more people.Though the space is small, it is ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon or weekend brunch when you neither want to cook at home nor order in, but relish the exquisite flavours served hot on a plate in front of you.


[photo2]The menu has a wide range of dishes from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Burmese, and Thai cuisines. One can also pick from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood options. There are no less than 100 dishes listed on the menu, which might confuse some a bit, but if you know what you want to eat, you will definitely have a gala time here.


From pan-fried mushrooms and crispy honey paneer to chicken honey wontons and pepper garlic chicken, there are more than 50 options for you to try. We tried stir-fried bok choy and crispy honey paneer (matar paneer recipe).Crispy honey paneer will have flavours bursting in your mouth while bok choy will balance out the spiciness of another starter. Bao, in particular, was the highlight of the day. The bao was soft, while the filling was crispy and delicious. Don't Miss: Explore The Railicious Cafe In South Delhi

Main Course

A post shared by Krati Purwar (@kratipurwar)For the main course, you can order fish delicacies, including chilli basil fish, butter garlic fish, lemon honey fish, chilli wine fish, and fish in devil's sauce. One can try chop suey, which is among the new additions to the Chowman's menu.There is a separate section for chicken lovers. Kung pao chicken, honey chicken (kadhai chicken recipe), Schezwan chicken, drunken chicken, teriyaki chicken, devil's chicken and ginger chicken among others. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can also order noodles with their choice of topping. Their ramen is quite good if you are already a fan of its palette. You must definitely try it. They have crab, squid, lamb, pork and prawn dishes too. Don't Miss: Try These Fail-Proof Holi Snacks Recipes


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The dessert section has two options - darsaan and classic brownie. You must try both of them if you have a sweet tooth.