7 Postpartum Yoga Poses For New Moms To Release Tension & Gain Muscle Strength

7 Postpartum Yoga Poses For New Moms To Release Tension & Gain Muscle Strength

Postpartum is a phase of the struggle for most new mothers. Your muscles ache, you lack strength, feel fatigued and endure other challenges. However, this is the time when you must take out an hour of your day to be by yourself and work on your body. Now that you have your little munchkin in your life, you have to stay fit more than ever.One way to build your strength without overdoing it is yoga. It also boosts energy, reduces symptoms of postpartum mental health issues and acts as a catalyst in the recovery of pelvic floor muscles, sore shoulders, tight hips and neck pain. [photo1]Our expert Kam

lesh Singh, Yoga Instructor at Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Science, Lucknow, explained what types of yoga new mothers can start with when their doctors have given the green signal to exercise.

Child's Pose

[photo2]In this pose, you sit and bend forward much like a child. The exercise helps in relieving pain from the back, chest, neck and head. It can be of great help to nursing mothers. It also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles that go weak after childbirth. You can do this pose on a yoga mat or even try it on your bed. However, you should be cautious that it does not put too much pressure on your stomach. Start slow before you try to push your boundaries.

Mountain Pose

[photo3]In this pose, you stand straight, lift your arms over your head and push your shoulder blades. You have to extend your palms towards the ceiling and try to stretch your body. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.The mountain yoga pose helps with toning muscles of the abdomen, torso, back (Yoga For Back Pain) and pelvis. It is also easy to ace.

Bridge Pose

[photo4]Bridge pose is considered good for relieving discomfort in the spine and offers relief from anxiety. It strengthens the legs while stretching the hip. Do not try to nail it in the first effort. You should try to take it slow and in a few weeks, you will be able to ace the pose.

Forward Bend

[photo5]For this pose, you have to stand straight and bend from your waist. In the starting, it could be difficult to hold the position, while touching the ground. However, you can keep a prop in front and bend it until you are able to touch it. Gradually, you will be able to ace the pose. When you are in this position, exhale and push your torso closer to your legs and hold it for 30 to 60 seconds.

Modified Navasana

[photo6]Modified Navasana is perfect for new mothers who have done Kegel exercises (poses that help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles) for a few weeks. Modified Navasana is for strengthening abdominal muscles. Therefore, ask your doctor if you can perform it.Initially, you should not try to ace the position but try to maintain your legs on the ground and touch the knee pits. After a few weeks, you should try to lift one or both legs to a 90? angle and extend your hands to your knee pits.Don't Miss: Expert Shares Why Becoming A Mom Should Be A Woman's Choice

Warrior Pose

[photo7]The warrior pose is good for new mothers complaining about sore shoulders (Yoga For Tight Shoulders) and necks. You have to hold this pose for a while or take three to five breaths before returning to the normal position.

Camel Pose

[photo8]You should perform camel pose when you have recovered completely and your doctor has given you the green signal for stretching muscles. It puts a little pressure on your abdomen and spine. Once you start performing it, you will experience your core muscles strengthening and flexibility improving by leaps and bounds. Don't Miss: Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian And Vegan: How Diet Affects Periods And Pregnancy

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