4 Yoga Poses For Neck Pain Relief

4 Yoga Poses For Neck Pain Relief
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Feb 2023

Neck pain is a common issue that can happen because of a lot of reasons. They include routine daily activities that require repetitive forward movements, bad posture, or the habit to hold your head still for long periods. The neck is one of the most delicate areas of the body that requires special attention.Yoga can be a truly beneficial and powerful approach to relieving neck pain. Since ancient times, yoga has been a component of Indian culture. The mind and body are integrated through a combination of workout motions and meditation practices. It enhances physical and mental strength as well as flexibility and endurance. Here are four yoga asanas that can help you ease your neck pain:

1. Sarpasana (Snake Pose)

A post shared by Divine Yoga (@yoga_isdivine)First, lie down on your stomach, then interlock your palms behind your back. Now lift your head, chest and shoulder and make sure to keep your feet on the ground. Hold this posture for eight to 10 seconds and slowly breathe in and out.

2. Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)

A post shared by Setareh | Yoga instructor (@setarehsadeqi)Stand straight and spread your legs as wide as you can try. Now extend your hands sideward with your back straight. Then slowly lean over to your right side, keeping your left hand raised as your right hand touches your ankle. Slowly inhale and exhale while still in that position as you return to standing. Next, repeat the process on the opposite side of the body.

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3. Balasana (Child Pose)

[photo1]First, kneel down and also keep your hands down and keep the spine straight. Now slowly lean forward until both thighs are in contact with your chest. Continue bending forward until your head reaches the floor. Put your palms down towards the floor and extend both of your hands backward, one on either side of your knees (Step By Step Guide To Clean Knees Instantly At Home). Spend 20-25 seconds in this position, take a brief rest, and then repeat again three times.Don't miss: 4 Exercises That Can Help You Reduce Lower Back Pain

4. Ear to Shoulder

[photo2]First, sit down comfortably and relax. Now push your chin against your chest and keep your spine (Dynamic Stretches For A Healthier Spine) straight. Use one hand to push your head and the other to slowly push your opposing shoulder in the opposite direction as you roll your head to the right or left until your ear hits your shoulder. Roll your head back to the middle slowly, then do the opposite on the other side.

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